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Efficiently breaking barriers between payers and providers

As heard on "Crossroads by Alantra"

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What’s the value of values?

For our CEO and Founder Dan Wilson, Moxe’s core values of integrity, transparency, persistence and collaboration were part of the company from the...

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Why cut the ends off the ham?

The first Christmas I spent with my wife’s family, I observed her cutting off both ends of the Christmas ham as she prepared to put it in the oven....

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Break through the noise and find a data exchange partner you trust

I started my career in healthcare responding to requests for proposals (RFPs). Over the years, I’ve responded to thousands of them with carefully...

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Strengthening provider-payer collaboration

I recently attended the KLAS K2 Summit, where I had the privilege of presenting the case study for which we were recognized in the 2023 KLAS Points...

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HIMSS 2023: Turning the volume up on interoperability

In the land before HITECH, there may have been talk of interoperability, but it was a whisper.

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Clinical data: icing or cake?

Organizations working to improve the healthcare system have long used claims data to understand the cost of care, verify the integrity of payments,...

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