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How Moxe is Helping Organizations Achieve Value-Based Care

The latest data from CMS is disheartening. It shows that U.S. healthcare spending in 2020 was over $4 trillion—more than $12,530 per person and still growing. That’s about 20% of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product, a number well above that of many other...

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Reducing waste to save healthcare—and the planet

Waste is something that drives all of us at Moxe crazy. There’s a lot of it in healthcare. One-third of healthcare costs can be attributed to administrative waste, which includes piles upon piles of paperwork and duplicative documentation. We know that...

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Boosting Interoperability Requires EHR Integration Expertise

Because Moxe’s solutions are embedded directly with the EHR, it’s important that we not only understand the intricacies of each EHR but that we intimately know how to protect and secure patient data. Ensuring that access is limited to the minimum data...

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HFMA: It's the Interoperability, Stupid

Just as we get ready for HIMSS comes the same old song but with new urgency, new wording –and a way out. Harkening back to a prior U.S. President, it can be summarized as, “It’s the interoperability, stupid.”

That won’t exactly be news to anyone at HIMSS...

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An Inside Look at the Center for Medical Interoperability

The problem of healthcare interoperability begins at the patient’s bedside.

Imagine a patient in intensive care. Close at hand may be an infusion pump, a ventilator, a pulse oximeter and other devices.

“They’re surrounded by some of the most...

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