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Feedback from the Field Drives Release of Information Solution Design, Offerings

From the start, we’ve made feedback from the field—from both customers and prospective customers—an essential part of our Release of Information...

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Proposed Disincentives for Info Blocking and the Need for Future Proofing

Sigh. I imagine that’s the sound that came from many provider organizations as they reviewed HHS’s Proposed Disincentives for Info Blocking. In the...

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A FHIRside Chat with Moxe’s Chief Administrative Officer

As the long winter season approaches here at Moxe’s Wisconsin headquarters, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a nice FHIR (Fast Healthcare...

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Expanding our network to better serve the healthcare ecosystem

The goal of Moxe, at its core, is to connect the healthcare ecosystem to drive value for our customers. The more data that Moxe can configure so that...

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Break through the noise and find a data exchange partner you trust

I started my career in healthcare responding to requests for proposals (RFPs). Over the years, I’ve responded to thousands of them with carefully...

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Strengthening provider-payer collaboration

I recently attended the KLAS K2 Summit, where I had the privilege of presenting the case study for which we were recognized in the 2023 KLAS Points...

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