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Expanding our network to better serve the healthcare ecosystem

The goal of Moxe, at its core, is to connect the healthcare ecosystem to drive value for our customers. 


The more data that Moxe can configure so that it is actionable and valuable to our customers, the better. 


How do we get more data? 

While we started with direct connections to providers and have built a healthy network, as our customers increasingly recognize the value of having precisely the right data sent to the right place at the right time in the right format, we’re continuously looking to add more data sources. 


EHRs are recognizing the value of what Moxe provides, and we’re thrilled to now be connecting at scale to cloud-based EHRs. 


Why Moxe instead of direct connections to EHRs?

If health plans can connect with EHRs directly, why would they add a data exchange platform like Moxe to the mix? 


While a health plan can get data directly from an EHR, the data they obtain may not be formatted in the way they need it. Data provides no value, of course, if it’s not readable by the person or machine you are counting on to read it. 


Moxe, on the other hand, formats data exactly for the use case for which it’s needed. With our Clinical Data Clearinghouse™ and extensive data management capabilities, we make data work. We configure the data so that it is human and machine-readable, immediately actionable, and we deliver it to the precise location where and when it’s needed. 


We’re also EHR agnostic. So, while a health plan could establish connections to multiple EHRs, Moxe is a one-stop data shop. We can act as a single, trustworthy point of data aggregation, all while ensuring providers’ interests of privacy and data security remain at heart. 


The future of connectivity

As we connect to some of the top cloud-based EHRs and thus expand our network exponentially, we’re excited to see our vision to connect the healthcare ecosystem by facilitating smarter, faster data exchange between payers and providers increasingly come to fruition. In addition to connecting directly to EHRs, we’re looking at connecting to other data sources such as scanned images.


We are solving real, complex problems by enabling the precise exchange, management, and activation of data. Moxe’s platform is tailored to meet the specific data acquisition and activation needs of our customers, which are constantly evolving. Tackling the last mile to get the data our customers need, ensuring it is usable, and delivering it to the places where it makes a difference is what we do (and it’s what drives us).


The more payers and providers we can seamlessly connect through our platform, the more we can chip away at the huge administrative burden that remains a part of our healthcare system. 

I’m excited to see where increased connectivity takes us as payers and providers harness the power of actionable data.