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Putting Money Where the Mox(i)e Is

Our Mission to Make Healthcare More Affordable

When I woke up last week, I had to pinch myself. Then I had to refrain from making a peep, because my one-year-old sleeps—and I use sleep in the loosest sense of the word—steps away from my bed. 

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Logical or Not? Automation of Dr. McCoy’s Charts

The word automation is a problem. It’s a tin robot with a light-bulb nose, taking over the good-paying job that is no more.

As Dr. McCoy told a worried Capt. Kirk in The Ultimate Computer, “We’re all sorry for the other guy when he loses his job to a...

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It’s All About Workflow Integration…to Truly Succeed in HIT

What do beer, running shoes and fighter planes have in common with medicine? The answer is a challenge to IT vendors of every type in every field, whether inside or outside healthcare: workflow.

“I know we’re supposed to complain about interoperability,...

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