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Cheers to the hope and promise of a new year

Dear Moxe community, 


As I was reflecting on 2023, I shared with my colleagues that this past year felt heavy and, at times, dark. 

Our world suffered—and continues to suffer—from heartbreaking tragedy and devaluation of human life around the globe.  

In a world that feels so volatile, it’s nice to have something that grounds you. If you are reading this, then you likely know that the healthcare industry in 2023 was not that unshakable, grounding force. 

2023 was full of changes and challenges for all of us in healthcare. It was one of the toughest years yet for providers, who faced significant staffing challenges and financial pressures. 2023 was challenging for payers, as well, who tried to keep pace with ever-evolving quality and risk adjustment program regulations.

While it’s unlikely that the challenges we faced in 2023 will abate in 2024, one of the best things about a new year is that with it, comes fresh hope. 

Now, more than ever, I am hopeful that meaningful clinical data exchange can and will increase efficiency; unite payers and providers for more informed, meaningful collaboration; and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Since founding Moxe, I’ve seen the industry make tremendous progress in its understanding and acceptance of interoperability. Today, the industry is at a place where the need for robust clinical data exchange is widely accepted and increasingly embraced. There are more data “pipes,” to use a common analogy, being opened than ever before.


Although we’re facing challenging conditions—conditions that can make it hard to engage in long-term thinking—I believe there has never been a more important time to do just that.

Healthcare is a long game. Moxe is in it for the long term. In order for us all to win, we need to make smart, future-focused investments that also pay off today. Despite the challenges we face today, we need to commit to not just making decisions that get us through a season. We need to think more generationally: What is the healthcare system we want for our children?


What does all this mean for us, the team at Moxe, as we look ahead to 2024?

Here are some of our high-level commitments as we step into a new year with a spirit of hope and a renewed dedication to our mission.


To our provider customers: We commit to ensuring how data leaves your organization is in your best interest. This means we will continue to help you establish the privacy and security controls that allow you to send the right data at the right time to the right location, and nothing more. With HHS’s proposed disincentives for providers who commit information blocking, the ability to release what is needed in a timely manner without risking patient privacy and security has never been more important.

As we look to the year ahead, we commit to more robustly supporting Release of Information programs—thanks to requests from several of our provider customers—with our enhanced ROI solution. Instead of just working to automate requests, we’re hiring ROI specialists who will use our platform and process requests that cannot be automated. Not only will this relieve some of the ROI pressure our customers are feeling, but it will also allow us to learn how to automate more use cases and advance our technology to benefit all of our customers. I’m excited to share more on this solution throughout the coming year.

In 2024, we remain committed to delivering meaningful, actionable data so you can make better decisions, faster. So the provider-payer relationship can be more about collaboration and effective, efficient prospective management of the patient. We commit to continue to deliver data in a way that removes, not adds to, administrative burden and allows clinicians to get closer to the reason they’re in medicine in the first place: caring for the patient. 

Ultimately, we commit to remembering the humanity of both providers and payers and delivering solutions that are mutually beneficial.


To our payer customers: We commit to helping you amplify your network in 2024. While we bring our established—and growing—connections and proven track record of engaging providers, we know every payer has unique data needs. We commit to work with you to understand your challenges, data gaps, members, and required data sources, and develop a plan to build a network that works for you.

We commit to helping you take ownership of your data. Your programs are only as good as the quality of your data. We can look at the state of attribution to see how messy data often is and how challenging it can be to get payer and provider data aligned. We want to not only be a data provider, but a true partner in your data strategy. We have the tools and expertise to help you design prospective and retrospective programs that align provider and payer. We also have the provider relationships and understanding to facilitate the conversations that are necessary to improve data quality and strategy. 

We commit to continuing to listen to best serve you and your vision. 


Our mission to connect our healthcare ecosystem with the highest quality and most efficient data has always been bold. I believe a bold vision is needed if we are going to solve what remains one of the biggest challenges of our time: healthcare’s unaffordability.

This year, and in the future, we remain committed to being true collaborators. We are EHR agnostic and open in our approach to partnership. We want to see other innovators who are improving the way things function in healthcare succeed. It’s not about us. It’s about the future of healthcare in our communities. 

So, as 2024 kicks off, cheers to a new year that will almost certainly be filled with challenges. But, I know it’s also filled with lots of hope. I’m excited to see how we can collaborate to make things better for today and for the future.