Mike Arce

APIs: Why they Matter and Why Moxe’s is Different

Talk of Application Programming Interfaces—APIs for short—is everywhere in the tech and health tech space. Use of APIs has surged in the past decade, and many of the most popular apps—apps that you probably have on your phone—rely on many APIs to...

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A Patient’s Perspective on Patient Summary

To be completely transparent, I am NOT a model patient.

  1. I put off going to see my healthcare provider. First, I almost feel like I’m imposing if it’s not a life-threatening condition. Perhaps that’s part of the “Midwestern-nice” upbringing. Second, I...
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Moxe’s Convergence Elevating Information Sharing Between Health Plans & Health Systems

Today, we’re excited to announce Moxe’s release of Convergence – a solution redefining the exchange of clinical information by integrating health plan member data and insights directly into clinician workflows at the point of care.

Convergence is a...

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Eliminate Breaches by Removing Potential for Human Error

We need to stop faxing patient charts. It is archaic. And quite frankly, it is irresponsible, as it increases the potential for breaches.

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The Security Problem You Don’t Know You Have

You likely have a problem with security. Only problem is, you don’t know about it.

My introduction to healthcare came from my mother. She worked as a physical therapist, recently retired, and we speak frequently.

Many of our conversations deal with how...

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A Holiday Retrospective: Lessons Learned Over Time

The holiday season can be a magical time, filled with warmth and cheer. While I relish all that the holidays have to offer (outside of the bitter cold and loads of snow Wisconsin is blessed with at times), how I view the holidays has changed throughout...

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