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APIs: Why they Matter and Why Moxe’s is Different

Talk of Application Programming Interfaces—APIs for short—is everywhere in the tech and health tech space. Use of APIs has surged in the past decade, and many of the most popular apps—apps that you probably have on your phone—rely on many APIs to...

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It’s All About Workflow Integration…to Truly Succeed in HIT

What do beer, running shoes and fighter planes have in common with medicine? The answer is a challenge to IT vendors of every type in every field, whether inside or outside healthcare: workflow.

“I know we’re supposed to complain about interoperability,...

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Ransomware’s Soft Spot for HIT Provides Security Lessons

You know, in some ways you have to admire the global cyberattack launched May 12. While those throughout the healthcare ecosystem find true interoperability to still be lacking, here comes WannaCry. This ransomware easily and instantly crosses all...

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