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Accelerating the Glacial Speed of Healthcare Innovation

A recent study finds that most health systems name “innovation” as a top priority, but the overwhelming majority struggle to select and adopt solutions; stating that their efforts are coming along “very slowly.”

The “Trends for Scaling Innovation in...

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Potential HIPAA Rule Modifications

On Dec 14, 2018 the Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights released a request for information on modifying HIPAA rules to improve coordinated care as more healthcare organizations advance towards value-based care models....

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How to Completely Wreck Your EMR

If you’ve ever wanted to take a sledge hammer to your medical records system, be careful! You want to make sure and do a good job.

We’re talking about hardware. As HIT advances, we’ll continue to decommission parts of legacy systems. “They’re likely to...

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Sarah Kliff: An Author’s Voice in Policy Reporting

This is part 3 of Moxe’s conversation with Sarah Kliff. Find part 2 here.

Even when the word “I” doesn’t appear, “I think all of our writers have voices,” says Sarah Kliff, senior editor at, and perhaps the nation’s leading reporter on healthcare...

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven, EMR Expert!

Once upon a midnight dreary, making rounds while I was weary,Jealous of the quaint and curious volume of beds galore,While I texted, smartphone tapping, suddenly there came a rapping,(Not the music, but like slapping) – slapping from my disk drive door....

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Sarah Kliff: Why healthcare IT gets little mainstream media

This is part 2 of Moxe’s conversation with Sarah Kliff. Find part 1 here.

Sarah Kliff is perhaps the nation’s leading healthcare reporter. She’s a veteran of, Newsweek and The Washington Post, and has appeared as an expert commentator on PBS,...

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Sarah Kliff Holds Healthcare Feet to Fire with “Dumb Questions”

Last winter, Moxe had the good fortune to interview Sarah Kliff, perhaps the nation’s leading reporter on healthcare policy, and the last one to interview President Obama before he left office. (She sits left in the photo.)

“The interview actually ran...

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