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The Little (Data Exchange) Engine That Could

“Persistence: We are problem solvers who won’t give up.”

- The Moxe Mindset

No one said changing the status quo of healthcare would be easy, but that doesn’t stop the team at Moxe from ruthlessly pursuing our mission to make healthcare more affordable. 


“The healthcare space is complicated, and there are countless roadblocks and unexpected issues that occur during the course of developing and implementing new software,” Moxe’s Director of Engineering Ben LoBrutto says.


Senior Software Engineer Robbie Mahair says, “Software engineering grows more sophisticated and complex each year. It's been a moving target for decades and will continue to be one. It requires constantly learning and adapting and, at times, pushing through a frustrating task or mystifying problem.”


The remedy? Persistence. “With persistence, the job will get done,” Mahair says. 

“The team’s ability to persist through challenges and march towards our goal is paramount to our success as a company and to our customers’ success,” LoBrutto says.


Vice President of Operations Tim Finney agrees that persistence is a non-negotiable at Moxe. “Success requires persistence. It’s rare that big wins come easy,” he says. 


At Moxe, persistence isn’t just essential to solve complex software challenges, but also to impactfully grow the network.


Vice President of Payer Sales Cassie Williamson says, “To maximize the value we can bring to our partners, we need to continue to grow the business. The more payers we bring onboard, the less burdened providers will be. The more providers we bring onboard, the more value we bring to payers. The more use cases we can satisfy and problems we can solve through our platform,  the more consistent experience we can provide our network, and we can be part of fixing the healthcare ecosystem and lowering administrative costs for all parties.”


We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach with each of our customers, seeking first to understand the challenges they are facing and how our solutions can deliver the most value to help them achieve their objectives. 


Persistence is key to building strong, enduring partnerships, Finney says. “Customers respond well to hard work and someone who won’t give up when faced with challenges.” 


Senior Customer Success Manager Abby King says,

 “Persistence is key in figuring out solutions for our customers. Together, we can change healthcare if we are persistent and do not give up!”



If you’d like to explore how Moxe’s team of persistent problem solvers can best serve your organization, we’d love to hear from you. We promise: no matter what challenges you are facing, we won’t give up on you!