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“There’s No One Size Fits All”

Moxe’s Chief Customer Officer explains our unique approach to partnering with payers

For Moxe’s Chief Customer Officer Beth Zuehlke, excellent customer service means something different for each customer.


While there are certain things that remain constant about how the Moxe team interacts with each of our customerslike the integrity and transparency with which we communicateZuehlke says ensuring customer success really comes down to listening well, collaborating, and persisting to deliver the best outcomes for the customer.


“There’s no one size fits all solution,” Zuehlke says, noting that customer success means that we help each customer meet their particular business objectives. 


“When we work with a payer, we want to understand their goals, their challenges, and any gaps or data needs. What are they trying to accomplish? How can we help them get the data they need, build a network that works for them, and support their strategic initiatives in a cost effective way?” Zuehlke says. “We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes because we want to understand what keeps them up at night. We want to solve their challenges and be the easiest vendor to work with.” 


Importantly, Zuehlke notes, we strive to provide the most value without requiring customers to invest in a lot of additional IT resources, which is often a challenge, no matter an organization’s size.


Payers’ unique needs

Our solutions are flexible because customers have different needs and capabilities.


“Payers have different data needs. We work with payers that are looking for as much data as they can get,” Zuehlke says. “We also work with payers that don’t have the capacity to receive data on a streaming basis. Or, they might need us to deliver precise data to third-party vendors that are helping them with a certain business function.” 


“Moxe is here to solve whatever piece of the ‘data pie’ payers need,” she says. 


The value of customized, flexible solutions

Zuehlke recalls two recent examples of how our flexible approach has benefited payer customers.  


We originally contracted with a large national payer’s HEDIS team. After experiencing the value that we delivered to that team, the payer contracted with us to provide data to their Medicare and Commercial Risk groups. 


“Each of these groups within the health plan (payer) has different data needs. They had contracted with different vendors so each group could get the data how and where they needed it. Now, with Moxe, the various groups get the data how, where, and at the frequency they need, and the health plan doesn’t have to manageor perhaps even more importantly pay formultiple, duplicative data inputs,” Zuehlke says. 


“We love to help payers eliminate double paying for data,” she says. “That is unnecessary waste. Moxe is all about being smarter and more efficient.”


In addition to helping payers consolidate the vendors they rely on to deliver data to their various internal teams, we can deliver data directly to third-party vendors a payer may use. 


“One of our payer customers uses a HEDIS vendor that requires a very specific format for data consumption,” Zuehlke says. “Moxe has extensive data management capabilities, which allow us to customize the format and deliver data directly to third parties. This frees up the payers’ resources to focus on initiatives that require more human intervention, like monitoring and addressing compliance issues,” she says.


“Our payer customers frequently use third parties for a number of things, whether it’s quality improvement reporting, coding risk adjustment data, or managing CMS submissions. Directly delivering data to third parties is just another way we can help our customers gain efficiencies and better allocate resources,” Zuehlke says. 



The power of partnership

Ultimately, our Customer Success team is driven by the same things that drive our other teams: mission and the Moxe Mindset. 


No matter what challenges a customer faces, we commit to collaborating with integrity, transparency, and persistence


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