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What transparency means to Moxe

“We are open and accessible in everything we do.”

- The Moxe Mindset

Transparency is part of The Moxe Mindset, and for the Moxe team, it’s not a nice-to-have, feel-good value: It’s vital in order to build the trust that’s required to fuel effective collaboration, both internally and externally. 


Transparent communication, especially, is essential to each team’s success, Senior Manager of Quality Assurance Simon Shao says. On his team, everyone knows what their teammates are working on.


“We discuss and agree upon all of our team and individual goals, and I try to ensure my team has all the information they need to be successful and help our other Moxe colleagues succeed,” Shao says. 


Tim Finney, Vice President of Operations, says transparent communication between colleagues allows his team to focus on the most important tasks at hand instead of wasting energy feeling uneasy about unknowns or trying to decode cryptic messaging. 


Transparency is essential to everyone at Moxe. “We’re a team of problem solvers who know that we need to do hard things, balance trade-offs, and prioritize for the greater good. To do that, we have to be transparent in understanding and communicating the good and the bad,” says Kristin Woodworth, Chief Marketing Officer. This sentiment was shared by Greg Meltzer, Director of Channel Management, “Transparency about the challenges we face as a businesscompetitive threats, limited resources, competing prioritiesis important as it directly impacts our ability to execute and deliver for our customers with integrity.”  


Externally, transparency is key to building effective partnerships with customers and helping connect providers and payers in a meaningful way, which is at the heart of what Moxe does. 


Cassie Williamson, Vice President of Payer Sales, says, “Transparency leaves room for open and clear communication, which is vital to the growth and success of our business. Our goal is to bring payers and providers together, who have historically had an abrasive and often closed-off relationship. By bringing transparency to our work, and being open with both parties about the use cases and security controls in place, we are helping to rebuild trust and promote collaboration.”


A commitment to transparency means not shying away from tough conversations, Williamson says. Her team was in the process of finalizing a contract with a new customer when an unforeseen change altered the scope of the project. “When we informed the health plan about the change and presented an alternative path forward, they respected our transparency and chose to continue working with us. I am proud of how we chose to live in alignment with our values,” she says. 


Vice President of Product Marketing Britt Rubbico says, “Transparency, and particularly transparent communication, is critical with customers to build satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. When customers have insight into what's happening, where the company and products are going, and any potential challenges, their commitment to the brand increases.”


Ultimately, Rubbico says, The Moxe Mindset values of transparency and integrity go hand-in-hand. “Integrity breeds trust and lays the foundation for the comfort and safety that’s required to be transparent and openly share,” she says.