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Integrity: Beyond the data kind

“We believe in honesty, quality, respect, and doing the right thing.”

- The Moxe Mindset

While data integrity is always top-of-mind around here, so is the non-data kind.


As our CEO and Founder Dan Wilson recently shared in our What’s the Value of Values? blog, “Without integrity, you have nothing.”


Because it shapes every decision and interaction, both internally and externally, Wilson knew integrity had to be one of Moxe’s core values and part of the Moxe Mindset.


Today, integrity is an important part of our corporate culture and the way we show up for our customers and each other. 


“Adopting integrity is crucial because it builds trust, fosters credibility, and promotes ethical decision making, leading to stronger relationships,” Simon Shao, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, says.


Greg Meltzer, Director of Channel Management, agrees with Shao on the criticality of operating with integrity. “Given the nature of our business—working with sensitive data and enabling the exchange of that data between parties that don't necessarily trust each other—it is critical that Moxe demonstrates the utmost integrity. Without integrity, there can be no trust. And trust is what makes Moxe and our partners successful.”


For Matt Muncey, Director of Product Management, integrity is essential if we are to earn the trust of our customers and patients as trusted agents of their health information.


“Integrity shows up in multiple ways in our work,” Muncey says. “Honesty: Our word must be unquestionable. Honesty means setting standards and being transparent about how we perform against those standards. Courage: Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s taking necessary risks and making decisions that are right, but unpopular. It also takes courage to admit to our mistakes. Accountability: We take ownership for the consequences of our decisions and actions. Humility: We remember, with gratitude, the customers and patients we serve,” he says.


The core value of integrity pervades every stage of a Moxe implementation, including the sales process.


Senior Vice President of Sales Brad Hawkins says, “For the sales team, integrity shows up in how we sell, what we sell, how we communicate deal progress, and how we forecast. It shows up as we start projects that there aren’t "gotcha" moments or surprises as the project is handed over from sales to the customer team.”


Sometimes, a commitment to integrity leads to tough conversations. Meltzer says, however, that honesty is always appreciated, even when that means delivering bad news.


According to Hawkins, operating with integrity is not rocket science. “It really comes down to remembering that honesty is our best policy. If we can do something, we need to commit to it. If we can't do it, we need to own that we can't. We need to be transparent about what we have done already vs. what we hope to do,” he says.


Stay tuned for the next blog in our Moxe Mindset series, where we are delving into what each of our core values means for Moxe and our partners.