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3 Factors Fueling a Clinical Data Exchange Revolution

Every day as our employees show up to work, we are united by our shared mission of making healthcare more affordable in the US. As we look at where the market is today, there are many factors that play into why the work we do to revolutionize...

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In 2023, Let’s Use Clinical Data to Run the Business of Healthcare

Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to the new year Along with reflection and celebration, the start of a new year brings excitement and a chance to...

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Why Privacy-Centric Interoperability is Key

At almost every healthcare organization I’ve worked with over the years, I see different priorities between Health Information Management (HIM) and...

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With Gratitude for the Moxe Community

Dear Moxe Community, As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m reminded of something my family always did when we gathered for our Thanksgiving meal. From my...

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What Does EHR Agnostic Mean?

Neutrality is important to all of us at Moxe. We are solving a big problem: making healthcare more affordable. To achieve that goal requires many...

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What Does 100% Digital Mean?

Demystifying Digital Release of Information and Medical Record Retrieval Increased digitization and automation continues to advance healthcare,...

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How Digital Release of Information Improves Revenue Cycle Performance

The lack of interoperability solutions has led to the creation of inefficient administrative processes in US healthcare. Commonly, payers and...

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