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Now is the Time to Modernize ROI

While Moxe has been automating payer requests—also known as audits—for over 10 years, there are many other release of information (ROI) use cases that have historically been more difficult to put on auto pilot, like care coordination, legal, and worker’s compensation, to name a few.

The demand for clinical data is at an all time high. Unfortunately, so is provider burnout and staffing shortages. Compounding the problem are evolving—sometimes opaque—regulations that can be difficult to keep pace with, even for the most proactive, seasoned ROI teams.  

I’m thrilled to have joined Moxe as SVP and General Manager, Release of Information, at an exciting moment. Thanks to customers who have seen the transformative power of Moxe’s digital solution and have requested more robust ROI support, we are now positioned to deliver just that. By combining technology and expert support we’re modernizing ROI to support more use cases. In addition to working with customers to automate as many use cases as possible, we’re augmenting our digital solution with best-in-class ROI experts. These experts understand not just how to retrieve and send information, but also the importance of safeguarding patient privacy and security, while adhering to all local and federal regulations. 

By combining technology and expert support we’re modernizing ROI to support more use cases. In addition to working with customers to automate as many use cases as possible, we’re augmenting our technology with best-in-class ROI experts.

Moxe's ROI experts understand that, when interacting with customers, whether patients or other requestors, they represent you and your brand. Because of that, our experts deliver the kind of customer service you can take pride in.


Why we’re modernizing our solution

As with everything at Moxe, the decision to augment our ROI technology with experts is about our customers, first and foremost.


The 2023 Emerging Technology Spotlight performance report from KLAS Research, which gave Moxe’s digital ROI solution a 100% score for overall satisfaction, also highlighted customers’ desire for Moxe to support more ROI request types. This feedback directly informed our approach and became our primary reason for offering a more robust ROI solution.


In addition, we know that by putting our ROI experts into the field to process requests that cannot be automated, we’ll learn how to automate more use cases, which will help us advance our technology to better serve our customers. We’re hiring ROI experts who are excited about the role they can play in not only advancing our technology, but also in the broader ROI field. We’re equipping and encouraging our ROI staff to share feedback from the field directly with our product and engineering teams, and we’re looking forward to seeing what innovation will come from getting even closer to the ROI challenges our customers face.


Now is the time to elevate your ROI program

While we’re excited about the opportunities that will arise from putting our ROI experts in the field, we’re not slowing our efforts to innovate and expand automation. We'll continue automating what we can, and it’s my hope that in the next few years, we’ll be able to automate upwards of 80% of our customers’ ROI requests. Automation is the easiest way to comply with regulatory standards, turn around requests as quickly as possible, track status, and ultimately save time and money. 


As effective as automation can be for many cases, we know there will likely always be some scenarios that require manual intervention. By automating what we can, we’re allowing customers to shift their most valuable resources—their people—to work on the use cases that need and benefit from a human touch.


Understanding what can and should be automated versus what requires manual intervention is an important piece of any organization’s ROI program.


Another piece of the puzzle is understanding and adhering to often opaque, evolving regulations. HHS’s proposed disincentives for providers who commit info blocking—which entail harsh financial penalties for providers who are found to commit info blocking—is just one example of a regulation provider organizations need to navigate today.


We’re here to make sure you are in compliance with not only today’s regulations, but that you can pivot efficiently and effectively when needed as new regulations arise. A tech-first solution like Moxe allows providers to easily share clinical information and stay in compliance with regulations, while also ensuring that only the minimum necessary information is shared. 


Whether you want to use Moxe’s ROI experts, your own ROI experts, or some combination of both, we’re here to understand where you are in your ROI journey and determine how we can best support you.


I believe that now is a better time than ever to take a careful look at your ROI program to determine where you can automate, what processes and policies need to be optimized, and how you will ensure compliance with regulations today and in the future. 


In my many years in the industry, I have seen a lot of change. I expect we’ll only continue to see more. We’re eager to be the partner that can help you future-proof your ROI program with best-in-class technology and people.


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