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How Digitizing Release of Information Optimizes HIM Operations

Over the past few months, Moxe has added nearly 20 hospital systems to our network. Every day we speak to providers struggling to keep up with ROI requests. Providers are burnt out, overworked, and frustrated as they work to fulfill the increasing...

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Moxe Kicks Off Process to Earn Validated Data Stream Designation from NCQA

The Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Program sets a high bar for how data is managed

At Moxe, we believe that securely and effectively sharing clinical data between stakeholders (e.g., providers, payers, partners, and patients) is the key to improving...

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10 questions to help you vet Clinical Data Exchange vendors

Choosing a clinical data exchange vendor can feel overwhelming. How do you know which vendors will measure up to your stringent data security and privacy standards? How do you know if a vendor will be able to flex with you as your data release policies,...

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Eliminating Administrative Waste in Healthcare

Q&A with Moxe CEO and Founder, Dan Wilson

We sat down with Dan to discuss the $900B problem in healthcare—administrative waste—and how addressing this challenge can make the system work better for everyone. 

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Streamlining chart retrieval drives better outcomes

The need for more timely, accurate clinical data led one national payer to automate chart retrieval. Working with Moxe, the payer has direct connection to many of the providers in their network. By digitizing the chart retrieval process, the payer gets...

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Measuring Customer Success at Moxe

Q&A with Chief Customer Officer, Beth Zuehlke

For this blog, we sat down with Beth to better understand how Moxe’s Customer Success team ensures customers have the tools and the team they need to get as much value as possible from their Moxe partnership.

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How automating ROI improves payer relations

While payers and providers share the goal of delivering their members/patients high quality, affordable healthcare, the best ways to work together aren’t always clear. Historically, there has been a lot of friction between payers and providers as they...

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