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Moxe Payer Advisory Council Highlights Shared Challenges, Provides Invaluable Insights

We started Moxe’s Payer Advisory Council (MPAC) to bring a cross-section of highly engaged payer customer executives together on a routine basis for strategic and tactical collaboration. Our vision was that the group would provide input into our strategic direction, give feedback on our product roadmap, and strengthen payer to payer partnerships by providing them a space to share ideas and try to solve some of the biggest challenges they face together.


For the team at Moxe, MPAC meetings are a lot of listening in. We typically bring an agenda item we’d like to discuss, in addition to soliciting topics from our members.


Past topics have included member strategy, provider partnerships, a deep dive into Moxe’s products, and Prospective Risk Adjustment programs.


After every meeting, we feel thankful because MPAC is only as successful as the members that participate. Members give two to four hours of their time, quarterly, to provide feedback and collaborate on how Moxe can serve not only them, but all of our customers and the industry more broadly.


Our Moxe team sees MPAC as instrumental in helping us continue to deliver solutions that the market wants and needs.


MPAC’s benefits

While my colleague Chief Customer Officer Beth Zuehlke and I spearheaded the development of the council, it’s truly a company-wide initiative.


It’s been rewarding to hear from team members across Moxe on how they’ve benefited from the council’s insights, and to hear from council members about how they appreciate meeting regularly with folks they see not just as competitors, but also as collaborators. 


Since our first meeting in October 2023, MPAC members have expressed that they continue to find value in 1) asking questions and hearing feedback from their peers, and 2) gaining detailed insight into where Moxe is headed.


While the nine MPAC members come from both regional and national health plans, our meetings continue to illuminate just how much alignment there is on the problems they face, regardless of their size or strategy. There’s also broad agreement amongst council members that Moxe is well positioned to help solve many of their shared challenges.


We’re grateful for the insights that our council members provide that help us deliver solutions that not only meet them where they are today, but will also help them realize their strategic vision for the future.


Hope for the future

My hope is that MPAC will continue to grow and that we will increasingly use our meetings to tackle some of the industry’s biggest challenges. I also hope it will continue to help payers build relationships with their peers and allow all participants to benefit from each other's unique perspective.


Although we started with our payer customers, we’re looking to expand advisory council opportunities in the future to more of our customer base.


To our current MPAC members: Thank you for your willingness to contribute your expertise, ideas, and time to help us better serve you and the industry.


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