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release of information

Feedback from the Field Drives Release of Information Solution Design, Offerings

From the start, we’ve made feedback from the field—from both customers and prospective customers—an essential part of our Release of Information...

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Listen First, Solve Second

One of the things that makes Moxe unique is that we work with health systems of all sizes, from small community sites with limited resources to the...

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Proposed Disincentives for Info Blocking and the Need for Future Proofing

Sigh. I imagine that’s the sound that came from many provider organizations as they reviewed HHS’s Proposed Disincentives for Info Blocking. In the...

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Why cut the ends off the ham?

The first Christmas I spent with my wife’s family, I observed her cutting off both ends of the Christmas ham as she prepared to put it in the oven....

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Who moved my fax machine?

While I started my career selling drugs in NYC (pharmaceuticals to be exact, in case my mother reads this), my career took a turn when I was hired as...

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Real-World Results: How Novant Health Automated Release of Information

We recently co-hosted an AHIMA-sponsored webinar to showcase the benefits of automating release of information. In this webinar, Joe Naretto, Senior...

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