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Eliminating Administrative Waste in Healthcare

Q&A with Moxe CEO and Founder, Dan Wilson

We sat down with Dan to discuss the $900B problem in healthcare—administrative waste—and how addressing this challenge can make the system work better for everyone. 

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COVID-19 Impact: Three Permanent Changes to the Healthcare Landscape

Editor’s note: While the full impact of this pandemic will not be summable for years to come, we know the coronavirus has made an indelible mark on our nation’s healthcare system. Moxe implementation specialist, Cassie Schmalz, recently attended an HFMA...

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How to Save Billions Annually in Health Care

It’s not news to state that health care costs are increasing to unprecedented levels, far above the growth rate of comparable countries.  But beyond the obvious expenses of care, there are additional inconspicuous costs in our industry. Less noticeable...

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Accelerating the Glacial Speed of Healthcare Innovation

A recent study finds that most health systems name “innovation” as a top priority, but the overwhelming majority struggle to select and adopt solutions; stating that their efforts are coming along “very slowly.”

The “Trends for Scaling Innovation in...

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven, EMR Expert!

Once upon a midnight dreary, making rounds while I was weary,Jealous of the quaint and curious volume of beds galore,While I texted, smartphone tapping, suddenly there came a rapping,(Not the music, but like slapping) – slapping from my disk drive door....

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The Cost of Healthcare Printing, by the Numbers

If you could, would you give every single person in Los Angeles a dollar?

If you work at an average 1,500-bed hospital, you already spend that much every year printing paper.

I don’t know how a hospital must get rid of that much paper, but one thing you...

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HIT and Mental Health

The Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla., is a challenge to medicine. All of us must address it, even – or especially – those of us in HIT.

Only 35.7 percent of patients accessed some form of mental health treatment within 90 days of diagnosis,...

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