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What Does EHR Agnostic Mean?

Neutrality is important to all of us at Moxe. We are solving a big problem: making healthcare more affordable. To achieve that goal requires many innovative stakeholders determined to disrupt the status quo. When we set out to develop a seamless clinical data exchange solution, it was imperative that it could connect the entire healthcare ecosystem. And the only true way to do that was by ensuring Moxe was compatible with as many EHRs as possible.


Today, Moxe is compatible with more than 75% of all EHRs in the US, including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, athenahealth, and Veradigm. We will expand our EHR integration capabilities to further grow our network in the coming years. 


Unlike our competitors, Moxe’s solutions can be embedded directly within multiple EHRs. What this means is that payers can receive data from providers in their network regardless of EHR. Additionally, Moxe delivers payers timely data in a consistent, usable format of their choosing so that the data is immediately actionable. We streamline how payers collaborate with providers, which increases efficiency, saves money, and improves quality.


Two benefits of an EHR agnostic approach to clinical data exchange:

  • Network Strength: Moxe helps payers capture a broader swath of patient data with multiple points of connectivity to deliver a more comprehensive view of your members.

  • Scalability: As your providers use different EHRs, Moxe helps scale your data acquisition processes without the need for EHR-specific solutions.

Moxe’s EHR agnostic solutions advance interoperability, connecting the healthcare ecosystem with high quality, timely, efficient data to inform smarter, more affordable healthcare.


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