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The Power of Platforming

How Moxe’s Engineering team is unlocking the potential of healthcare data

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, our engineering roadmap remains laser-focused on making healthcare more affordable for every U.S. citizen. We have a big, hairy, audacious goal that will help us effectively address the challenges that have kept many potential innovators from disrupting healthcare. At Moxe, we are humanizing technology and democratizing access to data as that is foundational to propelling innovation in healthcare. We are platforming and enhancing our architecture to transform the way healthcare data is ingested, contextualized, and shared. So what does that mean?


Ingesting Data: Scalable, Flexible, Privacy-Centric

When we think of data ingestion we think of a platform that absorbs large quantities of data from a myriad of sources. To scale data ingestion, we developed a proprietary approach that enables our internal systems to absorb data from dissimilar environments. We essentially created a universal adapter that can handle all sorts of inputs and deliver insights to our consumers in a meaningful way across multiple channels. 


Given the seasonality of data flow in our business, we are making our “data gates” elastic to allow for a massive influx of data when necessary. While flexibility and scalability are critical, we recognize that ingestion pipelines need to protect patient confidentiality with stringent privacy and data security controls. To that end, our pipelines are consent-aware and adhere to the highest standards of data security while giving our customers the most granular control of their data. 


Contextualizing Data: Relevant and Actionable

Contextualizing data is critical to make data more accessible and actionable. Our platform has to solve for getting the most recent and relevant data, translating that data to actionable insights, and delivering those insights to our customers in a streamlined way to help them make the most informed decisions possible. We are not interested in simply being UPS drivers for data; we want to understand the data and package it in a way that’s meaningful for the recipient.


Humanizing technology to support proactive care

Historically, health systems were largely reactive in addressing care. That is changing as advances in technology help inform the delivery of care. Moxe is moving the needle on this front. We’re enhancing our architecture to facilitate proactive care with the goal of listening and understanding clinical observations. 


Let’s look at what proactive architecture might mean for a practitioner. Today, when a clinician orders a lab, they likely receive a message within their EHR when those lab results are available. The clinician then has to read the message, interpret the results, and determine the appropriate course of action. Do they need to schedule a follow-up with their patient to discuss the results? Do they need to make a referral to a specialist? Do they need to simply annotate the results so the patient can be assured the results are normal? 


Instead, what if our architecture could listen and react to lab results, notifying the clinician within  their daily workflow if follow-up is needed? This could look like an Inbox message to the clinician recommending that they refer their patient to a specialist based on lab values, for example. From a regulatory perspective, data contextualization and the delivery of actionable insights can provide practitioners with concrete steps to raise their HEDIS® scores, for example. 


Ultimately, the goal is not to replace human intelligence, but rather to humanize technology so that it can handle the more mundane tasks. We want our platform to reduce unnecessary manual efforts to free up people to do the work that requires the human touch. The good news is that we are well on our way to delivering a platform that can ingest data, contextualize it, and deliver actionable insights to the right place at the right time. We have the traction and the talent to deliver on our vision.

Krishnan Bhagavath is Moxe’s SVP of Engineering. With 30 years of experience, he oversees software development, quality assurance, and data processing, ensuring the development and implementation of efficient operations, innovative solutions, and cost-effective systems to meet Moxe’s—and our customers’—current and future needs.