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In 2023, Let’s Use Clinical Data to Run the Business of Healthcare

Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to the new year


Along with reflection and celebration, the start of a new year brings excitement and a chance to do more, do better. Across the organization, we are setting goals to align our teams and focus our efforts. We’ve got lots of ambition, ideas, passion, and momentum. We are ready for 2023.

As I look back on 2022, I am proud of what we achieved. We moved the needle. We advanced person-centric interoperability and we accelerated the use of clinical data to run the business of healthcare. While I won’t bore you with a long list of all that happened for us in 2022, I did want to share some of what I will most remember from this pivotal year.


Looking back

In 2022, we:

  • Grew! Our team doubled in the past year, which allowed us to keep pace with the increasing demand for a solution that delivers clinical data to the right place at the right time, all while allowing healthcare organizations to maintain strict control over what type of data gets released or withheld. (Check out this recent blog from Mike Arce, our Chief Administrative Officer, for more on that topic). We added more than 30 new health systems to our network—a testament to the fact that more and more organizations are determined to figure out how clinical data cannot just be harvested, but purposefully used to improve operations, drive outcomes, and reduce costs.

  • Were recognized by KLAS with a Points of Light Recognition Award for our efforts to improve payer-provider collaboration and tackle administrative waste. The Points of Light Report includes a case study, “Streamlined Chart Retrieval Reduces Waste and Provider Abrasion,” that highlights how our automated Chart Retrieval solution benefits both payers and providers. The collaborators in the featured case study, including a national health plan and two leading health systems, worked together to streamline the release of information and chart retrieval process using our 100% digital Chart Retrieval solution. By bringing all stakeholders to the table and creating relationships of trust, our partners have been able to improve satisfaction among members and patients; increase efficiency; reduce frustration, manual work, and costs for the health systems; and improve ROI for the payer. I am so proud of them and all our partners working hard to make healthcare better. I was pleased that KLAS gave the collaboration a high replicability rating, based on participants’ perceptions of how easily other organizations could replicate their success. You can read more about the award here

  • Were honored with the code Developer Program Member Award at the Oracle Cerner Health Conference. We were thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to strengthening our integration with Cerner. I am grateful, as always, for Moxe’s extraordinary team who continues to astound me with their expertise, creativity, and commitment to finding solutions to challenges both big and small. 

After decades of doing the hard work to digitize health records, I believe our country is at a turning point. This past year, our team was energized by the momentum we felt as more organizations decided it was time to start using clinical data to simplify payment and operations. We have seen more payers express a desire to reduce abrasion and make getting the data they need less painful for providers. On the flip side, more and more providers want data to help inform their decisions so they can deliver the best outcomes for their patients and be rewarded for their good stewardship of their patient’s health.


We are excited to continue to build on the momentum we’ve felt in 2022 as 2023 gets under way.


Looking ahead

As I think about 2023, our overarching goal remains consistent: To make affordable healthcare a reality for our country. The entire Moxe team is committed to moving with a sense of urgency to do all that we can to help address our affordability crisis.


We will contribute to this cause through our talents as product developers—but we can make no meaningful progress without a coalition of clinical, financial, and operational partners who similarly know there’s a better way to operate and pay for healthcare in this country.


Over the next year, we will strive to prove ourselves as an invaluable partner to even more provider and payer organizations who are doing the hard work of collaborating better to benefit the people they serve.


To expand our impact, we are adding support for new use cases where sharing targeted health data has a defined path to lowering the cost and complexity of healthcare administration.


This year, I believe, we can make great leaps as an ecosystem towards using clinical data—not claims—to run the business of healthcare. Our belief that clinical data will supersede claims data is straightforward: we want a system that drives good outcomes, and a claim is a poor proxy for measuring outcomes. It’s time we stop relying on a time-lagged snapshot of what was done if a timely, clinical narrative is available instead.


So, friends, cheers to you and 2023. May this year be filled with hope, health, and progress. May we persevere as we collaborate and innovate together. To all who believe in Moxe and our mission, thank you. Now, let’s do this. Let’s get to work to do our part to make a better healthcare system.