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How Digitizing Release of Information Optimizes HIM Operations

Over the past few months, Moxe has added nearly 20 hospital systems to our network. Every day we speak to providers struggling to keep up with ROI requests. Providers are burnt out, overworked, and frustrated as they work to fulfill the increasing volume of ROI requests from their payers and third-party requestors. It’s clear that manually fulfilling these requests is not sustainable, especially during HEDIS® and risk adjustment seasons. 


Boosting automation leads to balanced resource reallocation

In one instance, we helped a hospital system using Cerner’s EHR automate ROI so that they could stop hiring temps and pulling in clinical staff to meet seasonal spikes and increasing demand. The provider selected Moxe’s Digital ROI™ because of our speed, accuracy, transparency, and stringent release controls. However, the real benefit was resource reallocation towards clinical interactions. With Moxe not only was there no need for extra hands, the HIM team was freed up to address continuation of care and patient requests.


Moxe worked closely with the provider team and Cerner to implement Digital ROI, ensuring all release restrictions and processing rules were included and evaluated. To optimize the automation of ROI, Moxe made sure the provider was directly connected to their top  8 requestors so that as many manual requests as possible were redirected and automated.


Automating ROI delivers real results

  • Improved turnaround time: By automating ROI, the average backlog of ROI requests decreased from 21+ days to less than 7 days.

  • Increased accuracy: With an average patient match rate of 92%, payers get the complete data they need quickly, which means fewer follow-ups.

  • Enabled patient focus: By eliminating HEDIS and MRA backlogs, the HIM staff responds to patient and continuation of care requests in a timelier manner.

  • Optimized staffing: Without the need to pull in clinical staff during seasonal spikes, workloads are balanced and resources are focused on patients. 

Automating ROI was a game changer for this provider. According to the HIM Director, “Moxe is saving us time every day. We no longer worry about chase lists, daunting deadlines, and endless piles of paperwork. Moxe helped us eliminate the manual intake and processing of HEDIS and MRA requests. We now fulfill large volumes of requests quickly, securely, and accurately. This keeps our requestors happy and helps us operate more efficiently.”


To find out how Moxe can help you optimize your ROI strategy, email us at hello@moxehealth.com.


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