HEDIS & Star-Spangled Banner

O say can you see,
All my new H.I.T.,
Which so proudly we bought,
At the last HIMSS in Vegas.

When we saw its bright screen,
Catch the CMO’s sight,
O’er the smartphone we watched,
While the demo was streaming.

While our CIO’s stare,
Made the CFO glare,
We proved, at the audit,
Our value-based care.

Al-though that meaning-ful use,
May some-day yet pay,
Why can there never be,

Join 36 million patients whose banners yet wave in the
Moxe Health network, joining payers and health systems in automated exchange of clinical data.

How Digitizing Release of Information Optimizes HIM Operations

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Moxe Kicks Off Process to Earn Validated Data Stream Designation from NCQA

The Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Program sets a high bar for how data is managed

At Moxe, we believe that securely and effectively sharing...

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10 questions to help you vet Clinical Data Exchange vendors

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