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Moxe’s Convergence Elevating Information Sharing Between Health Plans & Health Systems

Today, we’re excited to announce Moxe’s release of Convergence – a solution redefining the exchange of clinical information by integrating health plan member data and insights directly into clinician workflows at the point of care.

Convergence is a conceptual shift providing automated, bi-directional exchange of clinical and health plan data, while respecting the electronic medical record and its foundation for clinical workflow. With Convergence, data from multiple sources comes together directly within a patient’s chart, providing key information for optimizing patient care and improving processes for communicating information back to health plans.

“Meaningful integration is not the act of moving data around,” states Dan Wilson, Moxe’s CEO and Founder. “You can move data among databases all day long, but if it’s not available to the user in the place they want to see it, when they need to access it, then there’s no point.”

The first two solutions available in our Convergence suite include Hierarchical Conditions Category (HCC) Reconciliation and Patient Summary.

  • HCC Reconciliation establishes direct communication between health plans and clinicians for the reconciliation of suspected and previously known conditions in the annual risk adjustment process. Upon completion, reconciled HCCs are delivered to the health plan and filed discretely into the EHR.

  • Patient Summary provides a clean and concise review of a patient’s clinical history as collected by a patient’s health plan(s) – drawn from aggregated claims, clinical, pharmacy, and lab history. This solution assists clinicians in identifying gaps in care and improving clinical outcomes and care.

“With Convergence embedded in their workflows, clinicians can easily reconcile health plan requests for information without needing to access any number of portals or having to review or complete any paperwork,” Wilson emphasizes. “Most importantly, though, the information provides a holistic view of a patient, allowing for optimized patient care.”

Moxe was founded in 2012 to address such problems, says Wilson. Rather than mimic data portals, he says, the company from its start has worked with customers to provide real-time, bi-directional workflow integration among health systems, health plans, and healthcare IT vendors.

As the name implies, “it really is a confluence,” affirms Wilson. “Today we have data coming from multiple places, and in the future we can expect many more sources of information to factor into care decision, especially as we look forward to personalized medicine. All those sources have portions of the patient’s story. They need to be put together and put into context going forward. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Convergence.”