Jay Rath

An Inside Look at the Center for Medical Interoperability

The problem of healthcare interoperability begins at the patient’s bedside.

Imagine a patient in intensive care. Close at hand may be an infusion pump, a ventilator, a pulse oximeter and other devices.

“They’re surrounded by some of the most...

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Healthcare Data Generation in Surge Mode

The next three years will see “major transformation” in healthcare delivery and reimbursement, driven by a 1,400 percent increase in data generation compared to 2013, according to a white paper recently reported by EHRIntelligence.

That’s good news in...

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Health Plan Allegedly Cheated Risk Adjustment

An industry shake-up may be coming. The FBI is investigating an innovative Portland-based health organization for allegedly falsifying medical claims. According to a former employee, Zoom+care changed records to avoid paying around $3 million to the...

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ROI Request Fees at Center of Court Case

It was only $28. However, a billing disagreement may have far-ranging effects on fees levied for release of information requests for patient information.

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Release of Information Rates: Reasonable Variations?

In North Dakota, it’s illegal to serve pretzels with beer. In Hartford, Conn., it’s against the law to “educate dogs.” When parking your elephant next to a meter in Orlando, you must deposit the same amount of change as if your jumbo SUV were just a...

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Ransomware’s Soft Spot for HIT Provides Security Lessons

You know, in some ways you have to admire the global cyberattack launched May 12. While those throughout the healthcare ecosystem find true interoperability to still be lacking, here comes WannaCry. This ransomware easily and instantly crosses all...

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Balancing Act: Handling Ever-Increasing ROI Demands

Though this high-tech era has been termed “The Information Age,” for many, it’s more like the “Request for Information Age”, especially in the ROI arena.

With healthcare initiatives and changing contract models, we all know that there are more and more...

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