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With Gratitude for the Moxe Community

Dear Moxe Community, 


As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m reminded of something my family always did when we gathered for our Thanksgiving meal. From my seat at the extensive kids’ table—I’m one of six—I’d hear my mom ask everyone to write down what they were thankful for. We’d then collect these little notes of thanks in a basket at the table. Gratitude was just as an important part of the meal as the traditional Thanksgiving foods that comprised our feast.


It can be easy for gratitude to get lost in the busyness that fills our everyday lives at work and at home. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, however, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to the Moxe community.


To our customers: To those who took a chance on a small start-up and have watched us grow and evolve in pursuit of our mission, thank you. You have been invaluable partners and leaders in facilitating smarter collaboration between our ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders. To those customers who have spoken on our behalf—taking time out of your busy schedules to serve as references, share your successes and provide constructive feedback—thank you. I’m humbled by your advocacy for us and our mission. To those customers who have recently joined us and helped us nearly double our network in the past year, thank you. I’m excited to continue partnering with you.


To our investors: To Piper Sandler and Vensana for your leadership in our most recent financing, thank you. Your investment, alongside our existing investors, is a vote of confidence in the work that we’ve done and continue to do. I am grateful for your willingness to not only lend your financial support, but also your expertise. Thanks to Tom Schnettler and Kirk Nielsen, especially, for joining Moxe’s Board of Directors this year. 


To the Moxe team: From the team members who have been with Moxe since its infancy to those who’ve joined our growing team in the past few months, thank you. It’s humbling to reflect on the fact that everyone who we hire could be doing a multitude of other things and chooses to be part of what we’re doing. Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas to work on something that’s bigger than all of us: making healthcare better and more affordable. I believe we have the talent, vision, and determination to truly move the needle in this space. Thank you for continuing to invest in our mission, despite the inevitable pains that come with rapid growth.


To family: To my wife Paige, son Danny and baby Wilson #2 (due in January!), you are my greatest gift and will always be what I am most grateful for. To the families of the Moxe team, thank you for the sacrifices you have made so your loved ones can invest in and accelerate our mission. I recognize that their investment requires your support, patience, and teamwork.


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and are able to take some time away from the important work that you are doing to relax and celebrate. I will remember each of you at our Thanksgiving table this year when the “gratitude basket” is passed.